Sweden 2024

Weekend camps &

Summer trainings

Registration to the spring camps open.

Join us in Falköping during the spring and in Skatås, Gothenburg during the Summer.

Falköping Spring 2024

Boost your beachvolley during the spring. Three weekend camps in Falköping. Join as many as you want. All weekends have playing drills, with different focuses for you to develop as much as possible.

* 12-14 Jan, Transition with defence and attack.

* 23-25 Feb, Side-out, reception, having a plan and attack. / Full

* 22-24 March, Team work, makes the dream work. / deadline 26 Feb

Price: 250 kr per training  Groups: Max 8 people Level: Open green until Highest level in Sweden 

Top coaches: Wesley Pinheiro and Karin Lundqvist with help in some sessions from other great coaches. 

Join the 3 weekends with 4-5 sessions and get a 50% discount on the last weekend. The schedule will be made 3 weeks before the sessions. Invoices sent out and payment occurs a week before the trainings. If you can´t participate after that you can find an replacement who takes your spot and pays you. Secure your spot already and sign-up for the weekends. 

Summer Training Skatås

P4L comes to Gothenburg this Summer of 2024 again with the success concept of the Summer trainings.

Goal is to give you two training a week during the Summer. Maximum 8 people in each group. Time 1,5 hour. Place Skatås, Gothenburg.

A perfect start to kick-off the Summer.


Period 1 (3 weeks): dates to be announced

Period 11 (3 weeks): dates to be announced


You sign-up for two trainings a week, in a three week period. The trainings occurs in Skatås 16:30 -18:00, 18:00-19:30, 19:30-21:00.


Sign-up by yourself or with a partner.


250 kr per training. If you can not participate you can find an replacer who takes your spot and pays you. With sick note from the doctor you get full payment back.


Opens during the spring.


Mail: karin(a)play4life.se


Wesley Pinheiro

Professional coach who has dedicated the last 22 years to beach volleyball. He has been working with great players from Brazil and several other countries. His method focuses on developing mental skills, in giving individual feedback and working with the tactical aspect of the game, from training to match.

Karin Lundqvist

Karin has been playing professionally in Brazil and USA with great results, and has won the Swedish Championship 7 times with 7 different partners, as well as two 9th place finishes in the European Championship. Karins career is truly inspiring and she forms the heart of Team Play 4 Life.

We look forward to see you!

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